Welcome to Spinning Chester Designs, where you will find quality wool and cotton yarns below average retail costs, as well as original patterns in knitwear, crochet, and lace.

Spinning Chester Designs was born of some superwashed wool that shredded in the washing machine and a three-legged Chihuahua. At a slow time in my life, I decided to develop my knitting skills. So I read Ravelry reviews, made a trip to my local yarn shop, and picked out some ultra-soft, luscious, highly-rated superwashed wool at a steep price. The first skein pilled as I worked the yarn, the second skein fell apart in the washing machine the first time I washed it. Cured of my previous conception of what to look for in wool yarn (and what to pay for wool), I began to search in earnest for durable wool worthy of my time. I found my answer Brown Sheep products, which are underrepresented in my area. So I asked if I could bring Brown Sheep products to my region, and the answer was, “Yes.”. But I’d need a name. So I asked my three-legged Chihuahua what I should name my new business. Chester barked, stood up on his one hind leg, and spun.
I thought, “What a perfect name for my business – Spinning Chester”. For starting a business at that time in my life sounded as unlikely, daring, and exuberant as a three-legged dog spinning on one hind leg. Chester and I are still spinning together to this day. He’s also my knitting partner – he’s on my lap when I knit.
Through Spinning Chester, I want to share quality workhorse yarns at a price more people can afford. I like the word ‘reliable’ far more than the word, ‘trendy’. For since my first superwash snafus, I have tried other brands that have been given rave reviews, and their performance leaves me underwhelmed.
And at some time in the future, I would like Spinning Chester to offer a few more brands, and maybe some local handspun or hand-dyed yarns. The Sacramento Valley has some amazing Alpaca ranches… but first, Spinning Chester has some growing to do.
So Spinning Chester is, and will be, a place for hard-to-find quality you won’t find in other stores, and maybe not even online. A place in-between the others. Prices are mid-range. Low on hype, big on value. Hard-to-find colors. Personal. Quirky. Unexpected in a good way. Something for everyone – including you.